[Samba] Samba and RSBAC or LSM

Greg Freemyer freemyer at NorcrossGroup.com
Wed Jul 31 08:18:03 GMT 2002

 >>  Hi,

 >>  I'm running Samba as a PDC for 1 year it works great.

 >>  I have one question.

 >>  In this time we need for some applications Extended Attributes (EA),
 >>  users can read, write, but not delete files.

 >>  These applications are written in Pascal (DOS mode) :o((.

 >>  Can anyone tell me, if RSBAC or LSM or any other similar project can
 >>  help ne with this problem?

 >>  Can Samba work with these EA?

 >>  Thanks,

 >>  David.

 >>  --=20
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It sounds to me like you are needing ACLs (Access Control Lists).  ACLs are a =
subset of EAs.

Samba does support ACLs, but the underlying OS and filesytem must support them =
as well.

I have it working with SuSE 8.0 and the XFS filesytem (considered experimental =
by SuSE.)

You might want to repost with the specific OS and filesystem you are using.

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