[Samba] File permission problems

Vicky Clarke vclarke at frontier.co.uk
Wed Jul 31 08:07:48 GMT 2002


I'm trying to get an ARCServe server on an NT4 machine to back up data from 
a Samba share mapped as a network drive to that machine. The principal 
problem with getting it to do this seems to be that the ARCServe system 
user needs to have 'full control' access to the share, and because of the 
way NT permissions map to ext2 permissions it's hard to work out what the 
best way to achieve this is. I currently see on NT that 'everyone' has 
'special:(All)(RW)' access to the share, which looks fairly similar to the 
Linux-side 'drwxrwxr-x' mapping. Will setting 'nt acl support = yes" on the 
share in question allow me more control, or do I need to do something more 
complicated? Any advice very welcome..

Thanks in advance,
Vicky Clarke

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