[Samba] RE: Problems deleting files from Server, Please reply

Greg Freemyer freemyer at NorcrossGroup.com
Wed Jul 31 07:55:43 GMT 2002

I have had similar issues when connecting via a wireless lan.

When looking in SWAT status, the file does not show up as in use.

If this is the situation here:

I have found that it is NOT a server issue, but a client issue.

i.e. I can delete the file if I try it from a different client.  I can also =
delete the file if I reboot the original client.

I have had this same issue with NT servers as well as Samba servers.

 I don't think this has anything to do with Samba and I doubt if changes to the =
smb.conf file will have any effect.

 >>  It could be the server thinks you're still connected, and is keeping those
 >>  files locked until the connection times out.  You could try experimenting
 >>  with the 'deadtime' parameter in smb.conf.  The smb.conf manpage explains
 >>  it.

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 >>  Dear Sirs,
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 >>  2nd request, please give an answer
 >>  if you can help me
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 >>  Thank you in advance
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 >>  Dear Sirs,
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 >>  We are running a Linux server with Samba and windows-pc's
 >>  When connecting a laptop through a mobile phone (via a router) and sending
 >>  small datafiles=20
 >>  to the server we get an error when we want to delete these files of the
 >>  server
 >>  the server comes with the error 'still in use', but I'am sure it isn't.
 >>  Also
 >>  when the connection is finished
 >>  I can't delete the files. However when we wait for appr. half an hour we
 >>  can
 >>  delete these files
 >> =20
 >>  Can you help me out?
 >> =20
 >>  Thank you in advance
 >>  Bas Kisters
 >>  swkisters at home.nl
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