[Samba] Changing ACLs as administrator

Eddie Lania e.lania at home.nl
Tue Jul 30 13:17:02 GMT 2002

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> I added my comments below.

> I don't understand why this is an issue.  When would you want someone to
> create a file and not own it?


As Administrator, I want to create a new user folder in the [users] or
[profiles] share and set all the relevant acl and permissions so that he or
she can access/use it.
Another example, as Administrator I am going to copy some files and folders
from a complete differrent location (a workstation perhaps) to a users
directory in the [users] share and want to make sure that later on he/she
can access it.

> The sticky bit for users is for binary files so that any user that runs
> binary executes it as that owning user.

One thank you again.

> Only two people can change ACL's. The owner and root.

I tried that and when I am the owner of a directory, I can NOT set the
ownership to some other user if I want to.
Ship your Linux to me please?

> admin users has no affect on acl's.


> Due to the limitation of who can and can't modify ACL's I use a hidden
> for ACL administration.  Search the archives here, I've posted my solution
> atleast 3 times.

I have read those now and I will try that solution.
Altough it is not a very "nice looking" solution in my opinion.

> Good Luck,
> Josh

Thank you Josh.


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