[Samba] Eric Thorsnes: Samba 2.2.5 update process

RVNS RVNS at naturesmist.com
Tue Jul 30 13:12:02 GMT 2002


I started as you instructed and when I get to this command,

	./bin/update-packageinfo 2.2.6pre 20020730

	I receive the error:  no such file or directory

next I changed to the RedHat dir. and executed sh makerpms.sh...this 
appeared to work fine.

i could not execute rpm -Uvh samba-2.2.6pre-20020730.i386.rpm
what I did execute is:   rpm -Uvh samba-2.2.5-1i386.rpm  and received 
the following error msg:  execution of %postun scriptlet from samba-
2.2.3a-6 failed, exit status 1

when I execute -e samba-common samba-client samba-server...I 
receive the following errors:

	samba-common not installed
	samba-client not installed
	samba server not installed

any ideas what I do from here?



Do the following:

download and untar samba sources somewhere

cd samba-2.2.6pre
cd packaging
./bin/update-packageinfo 2.2.6pre 20020730
cd RedHat
sh makerpms.sh

Wait for rpms to appear in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386
(Note that the samba-directory needs to be called the
same as the first argument to update-packageinfo)

rpm -Uvh samba-2.2.6pre-20020730.i386.rpm
(if trouble: remember that redhat divides their samba-rpm
so you may have to:
rpm -e samba-common samba-client samba-server

Eirik Thorsnes

RVNS wrote:
> I'm a little confused.
> It appears that the original files are in /etc/samba/ , at least the smb.conf, and
> the new ones are in usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf and nothing pertaining to
> /usr/bin.
> I would like to keep the original configuration of Red Hat 7.3 just for consistency
> of Red Hat.
> What type of config command do I execute to make it work or how do I change the
> startup script to use the update installation.
> Thanks,
> Steve
> On 30 Jul 2002 at 10:44, Konkol, Josh wrote:
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> sent:      	Tue, 30 Jul 2002 10:44:30 -0500
> The default prefix is /usr/local/samba.  I'm guessing your old binaries are
> still located in /usr/bin.  
> You can either change your startup script for smb to point to the new
> binaries or re-run your config and specify the correct prefix.
> Josh
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>> From: RVNS [mailto:RVNS at naturesmist.com]
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>> Subject: [Samba] Samba 2.2.5 update process
>> 	I recently downloaded the samba 2.2.5 update.
>> I ran GZIP and tar.
>> next i did the configuration according to Using Samba by Robert 
>> Eckstein, David Collier-Brown, Peter Kelly 1st edition Nov. 1999.
>> Steps were as follows:
>> 	./configure
>> 	make
>> 	make install
>> 	added swat to /etc/services
>> 		swat 	901/tcp
>> after all of this it does not appear that samba was actually updated.
>> I looked in samba.org for an update procedure and was not able to 
>> locate one.
>> It appears as though the update procedure I used is for a different 
>> derivation of unix and not Red Hat 7.3
>> Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated.
>> Thank you.
>> Steve
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