[Samba] Installing Samba in a Suse 8.0 server machine

Greg Freemyer freemyer at NorcrossGroup.com
Tue Jul 30 12:49:03 GMT 2002

 >>  <P>Dear friends, </P>
 >>  <P>I'm a newbee as in linux as in samba packages,&nbsp;and need a help
 >>  (any site, tutorial, quick reference) to install and configure it (both
 >>  linux Suse 8.0 and Samba).</P>
 >>  <P>I intent to install Suse 8.0 as a </P>
 >>  <UL>
 >>  <LI>login server (not a DHCP server cause&nbsp;IP is&nbsp;provided by a
 >>  router) </LI>
 >>  <LI>file server</LI></UL>
 >>  <P>I thought to use Samba to&nbsp;administrate it.</P>
 >>  <P>Linux Suse 8.0 is already installed in the computer (an 1,4Ghz Intel).
 >>  It's wizard did the installation almost alone, I was only selected the
 >>  "simple server" option in package selector screen.</P>
 >>  <P>***** Note that I need an "idiot proof" script, OK ?? *****</P>
 >>  <P>&nbsp;</P>
 >>  <P>Thanks for your help</P>
 >>  <P>&nbsp;</P>
 >>  <P>Gilberto Antonangeli<BR>55 11 9937-8895<BR><A
 >>  =
href=3D"mailto:gilbertogroups at yahoo.com.br">gilbertogroups at yahoo.com.br</A>
 >>  </P>
 >>  <P>&nbsp;</P><p><br><hr size=3D1><b>Do You Yahoo!?</b><br>
 >>  <a href=3D"http://health.yahoo.com/">Yahoo! Health</a> - Feel better, live
 >>  better


You will probably have better luck asking on the SuSE support mailing list. =20

SuSE Linux Support List - English <suse-linux-e at suse.com>

Anyway, if you have the SuSE 8.0 Professional CDs, you should be able to =
install Samba from YAST2.  (YAST2 is on the KDM toolbar and is the standard =
SuSE tool for installing any of the packages on the CD.)

If you have the personal edition, you have to download the latest samba rpms =
from ftp://ftp.suse.com/pup/people/lmuelle

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