[Samba] connection refused

ashu ashu.j at egurucool.com
Tue Jul 30 04:23:02 GMT 2002

Hi group members

At my home i have two machines,named ashu and shail.Samba is installed
on both of it. Ashu`s comp is working as samba server as a PDC. When i

# smbclient-L //ashu   it shows me shared folder and everything is fine
with it.

But when i do

# smbclient -L //shail

sitting on ashu`s comp  it says connection refused error 139.

I can do

# smbclient -L //ashu   sitting on shail`s comp

where might be the problem.

I have already uninstalled the rpm of ipchains,iptables,lokkit,and

Thanx  & Regards

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