[Samba] Some questions concerning PDC

Timo Rohrberg timo.rohrberg at gmx.de
Tue Jul 30 04:12:02 GMT 2002

Hello together,

a few days ago, I set up a samba-PDC-server for my network with Windows 2000-Clients. Now there have some problems occured and I would like to ask you, whether you may help me to solve them:

1.) Before setting up the samba-PDC-server I had to configure my users on every Windows-2000-Workstation. Because of some programs (such as Quicken 2002) I set up one user on as a Windows 2000-Main user (german "Hauptbenutzer"). Now my question: Is it possible to set up a domain user in any way so that it will get main user rights on the Windows 2000-Workstations? If yes, what will I have to do?

2.) Is it possible to allow a special domain user to log on only on one of my Windows 2000-Workstations and to deny the logon at any other workstation in the network?

3.) Is it possible to set up some registry security options for every workstation in the network in order to prevent that I have to set up it at every workstation again? I need write access for one of my domain users on the keys "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\COMPUTER_KONKRET" and "HKEY_USER\DEFAULT".

4.) Sometimes the following error message occurs (translated on my own): "The server saved profile is not available because another process is using it." This message occurs when I try to logon on a windows 2000 workstation or when I try to logoff.... How can I solve this problem?

If anyone has any suggestions how to solve one ore more of these problems, please post your answers into this mail-list.

Thanks in advance,

Timo Rohrberg
mailto: timo.rohrberg at gmx.de

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