[Samba] HOWTO Create a PDF Writer in samba

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Tue Jul 30 02:40:02 GMT 2002

At 01:57 PM 7/30/02 +0930, Freeman, Peter (ERHS) wrote:
>Hi Martyn
>I'm currently attempting to set up the same kind of thing, however
>I'm using CUPS as the printing system and it ignores the "print command"
>parameter.  At the moment I have a pdf print share set up, and I can
>print to it, but the PS file doesn't convert to pdf (I can do it manually
>from the CL and it comes out fine)

Maybe this is a bug, because according to the man page the generic print 
command = {whatever} should only override the printers that don't have a 
print command = {whatever} set specifically, what version of samba are you 

>I take it you used lpd?  Does anyone on the list have pdf writing working
>with CUPS as the printing system??

yeah, I used lpd, or possibly lprng, I don't know, just what comes as 
standard with Slackware 8.


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