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Mon Jul 29 22:30:02 GMT 2002

>From: "박순일" <souneil at team.oz.or.kr>
>To: kukyakya at hotmail.com
>Subject: Question from Korea
>Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 14:32:32 +0900
>My name is Souneil Park and i'm majoring computer science in Soonsil 
University Korea.
>During this vacation, I was trying to study about your amazing project 
>and i was really surprised with it. How they work.. the Source code.. 
>it was gorgeous. Really fantastic :) . And i thought about some 
>and i wish i could have your advice.
>I first downloaded 'samba-2.2.5' and build it.
>and i read some documentations and made my smb.conf file (which i'll 
>i connected My printer on the machine which is operated by Linux, and 
shared it.
>So now i can print from other machine(which is operated by Windows 2000 
>I was really curious and attracted about these things. So i tried to
>make a higher approach.
>I thought it would be nice to make quota to people who use the printer
>connected on Linux.(of course the machine works with samba)
>Then the most importent thing was "authentication".
>i had set security item in smb.conf file into user.
>but there was a problem. after logging in, i couldn't make restriction 
about using
>the printer.
>In other words, i want to make restriction everytime when using the 
>is there any plan with it?
>and i tried to find some part related with authentication and printing in 
>sorce codes. I read comments, and short description about functions but 
the codes were bigger and hard to analyze then my capacity :(
>i guess "print_job_start(....)" function in printing.c is always called 
when printing
>jobs are assigned. am i right?
>then.. what about authentication? which function controls the ID and 
>transmitted from windows client? i guess... pdb_smbpasswd.c in passdb 
>Is there anyway to use the system(functions used for authentication) for
>printing quota? (for example, we can always ask for authentication when
>someone tries to print someting.)
>if i have to modify your Sorcecode, i will observe and remember your 
>and will not edit without your permissions.
>these were my thoughts. I wish i could hear your words.
>thanks for reading my opinion.
>i'll wait for your reply sincerely. :)
>have a nice day.
>-with respect
>from Korea. souneil
>p.s I'm sending this trough my friend in US, because of your rejection for 
the mails
>     from Korea. I feel very sorry about this :). My real mail address is
>     souneil at team.oz.or.kr. Please understand.
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