[Samba] duplex settings [ was Re: parsing fix for spoolss & samba-2.2.5]

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jul 29 20:15:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Glen Gibb wrote:

> I have a number of HP LaserJet 4050n with additional paper trays and
> some also with duplexing unit (using the current driver from HP).
> I have configured the driver (now supplied correctly from Samba thanks
> to the recent patch) by enabling the duplex option/additional paper tray
> for the appropriate printers.
> If I close the printer/logoff/restart or any thing similar and return to
> the printer properties via the Printers section in control panel or
> directly via the printer share, the presence of the duplex unit and
> additional paper tray is remembered (so that seems to be working ok).
> However, when I go to an application (such as Mozilla) and try to print,
> when I select the properties for the printer it doesn't give me the
> option of double siding or using paper from the additional tray -
> implying that the driver doesn't realise that either accessory is
> installed (and I can return to Control Panel and confirm that these
> accessories are still registered as being installed).

OK.  I've made some progress on this one.  Just out of curiousity,
does the problem occur with NT4 clients?  Or just 2k clients?

It appears to linked to an abscense of PrinterDriverData cached 
on the client.  What is strange is that the correct PrinterDriverData 
exists for the printer on the server, but the client does not 
cache all of it.

Hopefully, I'll have more information in a couple of days.

cheers, jerry
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