[Samba] File locking ?

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Mon Jul 29 13:59:02 GMT 2002

I don't know much about this but:

What is the application? Locally, on my hard drive, some apps put a lock
on a file, some don't. If you read man smb.con, locking is on by default,
but the app has to request the lock.

smbstatus should show the locked files.

On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 02:06:55PM +0100, Mike Stewart wrote:
> Where/what do I set to "lock" a file while a user has it open.  I'm very new to Linux & Samba and struggling to get it all running smoothly...  I've now got as far as setting up a group to access a specific directory and contents but notice that several users can have the same file open for editing at the same time. TIA. Mike.

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