[Samba] Printing:access denied.

Larry Engleman larry at burgiss.com
Mon Jul 29 11:53:59 GMT 2002

Make sure they also have permission to write to the print spooler directory.
/var/spool/samba I think is the default

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Hello All.
I'm using Windows 2000 prof on a NT domain with samba as the PDC.  The
printer is connected to the samba server via a usb port.
I've tried all that seemed obvious to me, and still the same message.
Ive made the printer share directory belong to root and group owner every,
which has everybody who should print belonging to that group and chmod 770.
I've made the printer$ share guest ok, assigned a valid account as a guest
account, and even added everyone to the printer admin list.  What else could
give "access denied" error?  
Thanks, Trevor.

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