[Samba] messages to students in a lab from login script

Denis Becker denis.becker at mnsu.edu
Mon Jul 29 11:22:02 GMT 2002

Hi - I am looking for something that can be run from a students login 
script that will do two things:
1. Create a window where I can display a message (written into 
the login script during samba's preexec login process) to the user. I 
saw smbclient mentioned on Google but from the examples I saw it didn't 
look like what I wanted.

2. Log the person off the computer from the script without the student 
being required to do anything. With this I would like to serve two labs 
with the same samba server but I want some way to restrict some of the 
students from one of the labs. I thought I could do this with a login 
script created during the preexec process again that would display a 
mesage a logoff.

Denis Becker
denis.becker at mnsu.edu

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