[Samba] host lookup while printing

David Cameron dave at nexicon.ca
Mon Jul 29 10:38:11 GMT 2002

I don't have any windows servers in the environment at all. It's a small
home/office network. The windows clients don't seem to require the channel,
because they are still able to print. Any chance an option could be
developed to disable the change notification?

When does the printer send a change notification? When it's status changes
(ready, offline, busy)?


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On Mon, 22 Jul 2002 dave at nexicon.ca wrote:

> I thought the 'talkback' socket might be produced by the underlying
> printing demon, CUPS in this case, but disabling cups still produces the
> socket attempt, so it seems like it's coming from something internal to
> Samba.

It's ms's printer change notification design.  We have to open a back
channel to the client (which requires the name resolution you see).
Do you have any windows print servers?  How do they behave in this

cheers, jerry
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