[Samba] Netlogon

Nash Computer Technology nashcom at btinternet.com
Mon Jul 29 10:21:09 GMT 2002


I'm evaluating Samba 2.2.4, and am trying to get a login script to work 
from a Windows98 PC.  I have the following entries in smb.conf

  domain logons = yes
  logon script = startup.bat

  path = /home/netlogon
  guest ok = yes
  writable = no
  share modes = no

I've created the /home/netlogon/startup.bat file and included a line:
	net use g: \\<server>\officedata (officedata is a sanba share)

The netlogon dir and startup.bat files have full access for all users.

I'm logging in as root, but it doesn't appear to be processing the login 
script.  Should it?  If I run the startup.bat file from Windows Explorer, it 
executes fine, and maps drive G:.

Thanks in advance


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