[Samba] ssh tunneling

David Powers david at grayskies.net
Sun Jul 28 16:25:02 GMT 2002

I have read several HOWTO's online that indicate one should be able to
access a samba share over an ssh tunnel from a windows box with the
following steps:

1.  Stop the File and Print sharing services on the windows box
2.  Create an ssh tunnel from the windows box to the samba server (port 139)
3.  Connect to the samba server as if it were on

Unfortunately, doing this on any of my Windows 2000 professional boxes
doesn't seem to work at all - I get the message "The network path cannot be
found" (I get this with or without file sharing and with or without NETBIOS
over TCP/IP turned on in my network settings).  The odd this is that using
smbclient from my FreeBSD box works without a hitch using the same strings,
passwords, ssh settings, etc.  Can anyone give me a hint as to what might be
glitching the same connection from a Windows box and/or any other way to
create a simple encrypted tunnel to a SMB server that would work?

-David Powers

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