[Samba] Slow login, a solution maybe interesting for other people

Paul van der Vlis paul at vandervlis.nl
Sun Jul 28 07:04:02 GMT 2002


My problem was that I had a slow login into Samba shares (I use the 
share-mode), opening a share took 10-20 seconds.

When I looked into the tcpdump, I saw packets going to IP-number and after that a pause of 5 seconds (waiting for a responce), 
and this repeated later, so in total it happens 2 times before I logged 
in. This IP-number has to do something with Novell 5.x:

On the network is also an old Netware 3.2 server and the workstations do 
have an Novell client. This client was configured for IP and IPX, the 
Novell server works with IPX.

When I removed the IP protocol from the Netware client this helped a 
lot, I can now login in 4 seconds. And I do not see any packets going to 
IP anymore.

Without the Netware client I can login into the share in 1-2 seconds.

If somebody knows more about this problem or how you I make Samba faster 
with Netware, I am interested too.

If somebody is interested in my logs or tcpdumps, I still have them.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.

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