[Samba] Strange crashes and disconnection from PDC?

Nir Soffer nirs at exanet.com
Sun Jul 28 03:38:02 GMT 2002

> Can you set a 'panic action', (panic action = /bin/sleep 9000 works
> well) and attach a debugger?
> We need a 'bt full' to see what's going on.  Even better if you can
> compile with -g (--enable-debug configure switch for that).
>> I'll be glad if anyone has any ideas... Is this is a known issue in
>> 2.2.4? Has it been resolved? Isn't the SMB Magic supposed to be in
>> beggining of the packet and not in the middle? Could this be some
>> buffer going ballistic and screwing up the alignment of the packet
>> with something else, consequently causing a SIGSEGV?

> Interesting theory.  That certainly is the SMB signiture (0ff SMB).  

> See what you can get out of the debugger - and the last statements
> a high level debug could help.

Grumble grumble. Getting Outlook quoting to work like pine/elm won't
be easy.

Oh well - to the task at hand...

I'm afraid that this has happened only once - and I have no idea what
triggered it, so I can't really try to bt it. If I could, I would. :).

Am I right in what I thought? The SMB signature should be around
offset zero, and not the middle of the packet?

If you have any idea what could trigger such a behaviour, I'll be glad
to attempt to reproduce this... Otherwise, I'm afraid I'm at a dead

To elaborate a bit more on the configuration - this is a cluster
environment, where two nodes (the ones running smbd) experienced 
the same symptoms simultenously. This happened on another cluster,
and IIRC on both nodes too, albeit two hours later.

This has me confused. The PDC could've have been spewing some
garbage or something, but that would've crashed several other
servers. Yet it didn't. The fact that it happened in two nodes of the
same cluster suggests it was some sort of a PDC screw up wrt to the
specific NetBIOS name of that cluster... We've been getting several
log entries before this crash that had something to do with the fact
that it lost the credentials on the PDC.

Being of the Windows world, the error code was naturally 0, so all I
can tell you that the operation failed because of SUCCESS... :)

To make a long and rambling post short -

Happened only once, don't know how to reproduce it, will surely do so
if/when it happens. Will be glad for some clues as to how to reproduce


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