[Samba] Samba 2.2.6pre1 non-prouction release available

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Jul 27 21:12:03 GMT 2002


We've put up a snapshot of the current SAMBA_2_2 code as 2.2.6pre1
for testing.  The distribution is available from 


( a gzipped version is also available ).  This is a non-production
release made available for testing purposes only.

The relavant section of the release notes follow.  The full test is
available from


There is still an open bug against the spoolss with regards to 
duplex settings and large forms.  This will be fixed in the final 2.2.6

Please report any bugs at samba at samba.org.


            WHAT'S NEW IN Samba 2.2.6pre1  - 27th July 2002

This is a prelease snapshot of SAMBA_2_2 cvs branch.  This is a
non-production release provided for testing purposes only.

New/Changed parameters in 2.2.6pre1

There have been no changes to smb.conf(5) parameters.

Changes in 2.2.6pre1

1)  Fixed several compiler warnings caused by the use const parameters
2)  Fixed a hand in the main smbd process caused by an EINTR in the
    wrong place
3)  Fixed string substitutions to accept a length for sanity checks
4)  Fixed 17-bit length fiedl in nmb header
5)  Removed non-portable inline declaration for functions
6)  Performance fix for including files with an smb.conf variable in the
    path name
7)  Fix for parsing LPRng lpq output
8)  Parsing fix for PRINTER_INFO_2 structure which was causing viewing
    printer properties to fail
9)  Fix for printer change notification and Windows NT clients which 
    caused the client to go into an infinite loop of refeshing the local 
    printers folder
10) Allow trans2 and nttrans messages to be processed in oplock break 
    state which fixes a problem with oplock break requests and Win2k 
11) Don't crash on setfileinfo on printer fsp
12) Memory fixes caught by Valgrind
13) Updates to stop spurious error message in tdb
14) Fix silly logic bug in 'make smbd processes' and 'status = no' check
15) Fix compilation of pam_smbpass and --with-ldap
16) Fix compilation of samwrapper on Solaris hosts
17) fix logic error in a check for enableing the winbind_pam_auth_crap() 
    code & fix formatting typo in --with-winbind-auth-challenge
18) Correcting check for ldap_start_tls()
19) Fixed a problem with getgroups() where it could include our current
    effective gid

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