[Samba] Question About Samba PDC/NIS/2k

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sat Jul 27 17:12:02 GMT 2002

> Whitewolf wrote:
> We are currently running Samba in a security=share mode, I would like
> to
> switch this to have samba be a PDC and use domain authentication.
> Anyone out there combined the following successfully?
> Linux Redhat 7.x NIS master and PDC, using NIS as authentication
> for PDC/Windows?
> I have seen several things on just having an samba PDC but I would
> like to
> keep using our NIS as it's used for many other things. (No it's not
> NIS+)
> Any hints or pitfalls or success stories about combining all these so
> that
> your PDC is also the NIS master which uses the same NIS info for
> authen
> on the NT side with 98/2k/Xp using it as a pdc also?

You will have to ensure the passwords are syncronised between Samba's
smbpasswd and the NIS database manually.  They cannot use the same
password file.

A PDC must run with 'encrypt passwords = yes'

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