[Samba] PDC and BDC load-balancing

Sven Köhler skoehler at upb.de
Sat Jul 27 16:16:03 GMT 2002

> In the meantime, I've adopted a Plan B: I've re-enabled caching 
> profiles. This has solved the worst of the problem, because after a user 
> has logged on once, the profile doesn't need to be transfered again, and 
> all the PDC needs to do is authenticate. But this is not a solution for 
> workstations with small drives, and I'm going to need BDCs to balance 
> peak load.

umm - you're wrong with this point too. the workstation syncs the 
profile with the one on the server - but you're right: there's not as 
much to transfer in this case.

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