[Samba] print jobs to a Windows connected printer disappear

Nicholas Sushkin nsushkin at openfinance.net
Fri Jul 26 17:16:40 GMT 2002

I have found that my PPD file comes from
http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_driver.cgi?driver=pbm2l7k although Redhat
modified it a little bit. RH7.3 seems to have foomatic and cupsomatic
installed, so I suspect that portion should work correctly. Wonder if I can
trace it somehow. What log file should I look into?

I tried to print from windows into a file, moved the file to linux, and fed
it to smbclient. No effect whatsoever. I suspect it's a samba problem.

I guess I'll try connecting the printer directly to Linux box and try to
print directly to LPT port...

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Yes, smbclient is bypassing all filters. The file has to be filtered
to print on this printer. A simple text file is likely meaningless to
your printer.
This issue get complicated, fast. How do you intend to filter this job so
your printer will understand it?
I can't find much support for your 7200. If you have it in your CUPS
version, you will always have to print with it, and not use smbclient alone.
Use smbclient only after you have filtered the job.

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