[Samba] Outlook Express and "nt smb support=yes"

Joerg Lenneis lenneis at wu-wien.ac.at
Fri Jul 26 12:06:02 GMT 2002

Gerald Carter:

> On Fri, 12 Jul 2002, Ing. Jaroslav Serdula wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Has anyone working Outlook Express and "nt smb support=yes"?
>> nt smb support=yes
>> I can't use samba share as Outlook Express Store Root.
>> Outlook Express can't read(?) *.dbx files and create new ones *(1).dbx
>> *(2).dbx .after every start.
>> nt smb support=no
>> Outlook Express works fine, but I'm not able to create directories
>> on shares using Win2k clients (I can with <= samba 2.2.3 (I didn't try
>> 2.2.4)).

> This would be a bug (but only if you can reproduce it against 2.2.5).
> nt smb support shoudl always be enabled at this point.

It probably is not a bug in Samba. Outlook Express (for whatever
reason) simply does not allow its mail database files (*.dbx) to be stored
on a network share. Probably enabling "nt smb support=yes" allows for
some checks (inside OE) that were not possible before.

Side note to Jaroslav: If you possibly can, avoid using *.dbx files
alltogether if relieable mail/attachment storage is important to
you. You will very likely encounter database corruption at some point
and lose some or all of your mails. Even if you back up a *.dbx file
by copying it someplace you might not be able to move it back in place
and there is also no easy way to ever get your mails or attachments
out of it again. A better way is to set up an Imap server on your Unix
host and use Outlook express as an Imap client only.

best regards,


Joerg Lenneis

email: lenneis at wu-wien.ac.at

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