[Samba] If in [global] <guest ok = yes> why do I get an authe ntication sc reen when accessing from NT box?

Larry Engleman larry at burgiss.com
Fri Jul 26 12:03:02 GMT 2002

To force guest access to a share, you need both

guest ok = yes
guest only = yes

Otherwise it will try and authenticate you first before
dropping you to guest.  If this doesn't work, possibly 
you don't have a valid guest account set.  If no account
is set as the guest account (on the linux machine) it will
use the user "nobody".

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Subject: [Samba] If in [global] <guest ok = yes> why do I get an
authentication sc reen when accessing from NT box?

> My simple samba file is:
> [global}
> 	workgroup = LFRG-TLH
> 	netbios name = HUMPHRY
> 	guest ok = yes
> [test]
> 	path = palmdata
> 	read only = no
> 	guest ok = yes
> When I try to access HUMPHRY from my NT-SP6a box I am confronted with a
> login dialog requesting username and password. I'm sure this isn't
> supposed to happen - I should get access without any credentials.
> If, again from my NT-SP6a box, I then enter a root level username and
> password then I get access. That's doesn't seem right either 'cause I have
> commented out the encrypt password = yes line.
> If I do the same from a different NT-SP6a box I get rejected. Seems to me
> that that's the only correct operation so far except that if I add the
> encrypt password = yes line I still get rejected.
> Can anyone shed some light this?? I'm baffled.
> Puzzled Pengin in the Panhandle
> John Clay
> Tallahassee, FL

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