[Samba] creating unicode_map.437 and unicode_map.ISO8859-1?

Matter, Conrad F (Fritz) cfm at lucent.com
Fri Jul 26 10:34:01 GMT 2002


I am running HP-UX 11 with Samba 2.2.5 binaries for HPUX and I keep getting
the error that Samba can't
find the unicode_map.xxx file. Well, I notice that all I have in
is codepage type files, not unicode. Why do the binaries not include a
compiled make_unicodemap?

I did download the source and found the .c file for the command. When I try
to run "configure"
to build everything I get the following errors:

Is there a way to build everything successfully or at least build only the
make_unicodemap command?
Better yet, if there is somewhere I can download the unicode_map.437 and
unicode_map.ISO8859-1 files
that would be the easiest. I don't understand why the codepage files are in
but the unicode files are not?

Fritz Matter

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