[Samba] Changing ACLs as administrator

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| Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 11:35:49 -0700
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| Subject: [Samba] Changing ACLs as administrator
| Hello,
| While the interesting discussion on POSIX ACLs vs. NT ACLs has
| been going on, I've been trying ( unsuccessfully ) from a Windows
| box logged in as DOMAIN\Administrator change ACLs on a file
| owned by a user.
| I just get "Access denied" every time I attempt it.
| I have tried setting in the smb.conf :
| --
| domain admin group = DOMAIN+Domain Admins

Well, firstly you probably need something like this

domain admin group = @"DOMAIN+Domain Admins"

But, you should read the man page on this option, since this actually
affects which users are seen by the windows members of a samba
controlled domain to have admin rights, only on the windows machines.

| --
| and
| --
| domain admin group = DOMAIN+Administrator
| --
| but I still don't seem to have this access.
| Is there something I am missing?
| Any pointers would be great :) I want to let designated domain admins
| change ACLs, since NT ACL's "Take Ownership" doesn't seem to be possible
| with the current POSIX ACL/Samba combination.

You're probably looking for something more like:

admin users = @"DOMAIN+Domain Admins"

this should be applied carefully, and on a share-by-share basis, and I
am not sure if it will do what you want (allow you to change ownership),
but it will let you delete anything!

no need for messy hidden shares (which is a secutiy nightmare, unless it
protected somehow).


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