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Agreed, the first ones I read are the ones I've had experience with. I also read other ones that I may know something about, or that look interesting.
I never read the ones that say please help.

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Hi Warren and all.
Nothing personal, just to make helping everyone easier, I'm using you as an example.  The subject: "Help please" doesn't mean much on a "Help please" type of mailing list.  Put a good subject on your mail, try even looking at the archives for a similar problem and use the same subject.  I found this helped to get more response to my questions.  You think to yourself, "Aah, I know about that..."
It makes sense, doesn't it, especially on a huge mailing list like samba.  I personally look at subjects and first open the ones I'm fimiliar with.  So, for example, if I see "Samba PDC & XP", I straight away know I might be able to help as, for arguement's sake say, I've done a lot of work on the subject.  This is only an example, but you get the drift.  I wish I realised this sooner, I would have got more response and less fustrated.
Anyway, just a thought...OK, a long thought! 
Chow, Trevor.

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