[Samba] Fw: Question About Samba PDC/NIS/2k

Whitewolf elric at elric.net
Fri Jul 26 07:40:03 GMT 2002

I sent this yesterday but it appears to have black holed.

We are currently running Samba in a security=share mode, I would like to 
switch this to have samba be a PDC and use domain authentication.

Anyone out there combined the following successfully?

Linux Redhat 7.x NIS master and PDC, using NIS as authentication
for PDC/Windows?

I have seen several things on just having an samba PDC but I would like to
keep using our NIS as it's used for many other things. (No it's not NIS+)

Any hints or pitfalls or success stories about combining all these so that
your PDC is also the NIS master which uses the same NIS info for authen
on the NT side with 98/2k/Xp using it as a pdc also?

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