[Samba] pwdMustChange weirdness

Yura Pismerov ypismerov at tucows.com
Fri Jul 26 07:27:02 GMT 2002

	Did anybody get to work password change enforcement with Samba PDC
running LDAP ?
It looks like it is "semi-working". I was able to enforce password
change with USRMGR, but now it keeps asking me for the password change
every time. I checked the pwdMustChange attribute and it is still set to
0 for some reason (hence checkbox for the password change enforcement in
USRMGR is still checked and I am not able to unchek it). Is it known
issue and I can't use USRMGR for that purpose ?


P.S. I run Samba 2.2.5


Yuri Pismerov, Sr. System Administrator, 
TUCOWS.COM INC.	(416) 535-0123  ext. 1352

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