[Samba] The specified network name no longer exists

Andy Neillans andy at neillans.co.uk
Fri Jul 26 05:38:02 GMT 2002


Hope someone can help me, I've got a really really annonying problem.

First, some info:

Mandrake 8.2
Samba v2.2.5 for Mandrake - installed from RPMS


[root at linux samba]# smbd -V
Version 2.2.5-pre1
[root at linux samba]#

When I connect to my home share \\linux\andy

I can delete and copy files from the share.


When I try to write files to the share I get the 'The specified network
name no longer exists' error and a 0 byte file is created.
If I try again to copy the file it works fine, after prompting me to

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Can post logs and smb.conf on request if needed, but they are fairly


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