[Samba] do I need winbind ?

Jay Ts jay at metran.cx
Thu Jul 25 18:46:09 GMT 2002

> 	I'm going to implement ACLs with my Samba PDC that runs LDAP on
> backend. Do I need to run winbind ? I've heard that winbind is mandatory
> for ACLs to work, All my users and groups reside in LDAP database, hence
> they have same names in bot Unix and Windows realms. Do I still need
> winbind ?

Winbind is for allowing the Unix system to recognize domain users
and groups when the account information is held on a Windows server.
Since your Unix system already recognizes the user accounts that your
Windows clients use, you do not need it.

Samba has some minor support for ACLs built-in, without additional
configuration options specified. If you open a shared folder's
Properties, you can access this from Windows NT/2000/XP.  But,
it is a strange mapping between Windows ACLs/attributes and Unix
owner, group, world permissions, and can be confusing to Windows
users.  By adding ACL support, the ACLs on the Unix/Samba shared
folders and files will act more like Windows NT/2000/XP ACLs.

Jay Ts
author, Using Samba, 2nd edition.

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