[Samba] Windows 2000 and Samba - Domain users

Amadej Bukorovic amadej at minet.si
Thu Jul 25 15:10:03 GMT 2002

Hello everyone..
I have a short question.
On Windows 2000 workstations, when logged into a NT Domain run by Samba, I can only see the domain users but not domain groups (doh..samba only has smbpasswd..no smbgroup) which makes it a bit of a problem to edit Group Policy, but I do see “Domain Members” (or was it users..can’t remember and I shuted the w2k machine down already).. does Domain members represent all the users in the domain (as in all the users in smbpasswd)?

Hope this one gets answered ☺ My last 2 questions didn’t seem to draw much attention :D


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