[Samba] taking ownership

Sven Köhler skoehler at upb.de
Thu Jul 25 10:18:01 GMT 2002

> I did some reading on it ( howtos, archives from the -devel list ) and
> it appears that this feature is not implemented in Samba. Changing
> ownership is something only root can do on Unix systems, whereas NT
> systems allow this kind of behavior ( the "Take Ownership" bit doesn't
> seem to mean anything in Posix ACLs either ).

the problem is not, that the feature of "taking owner-ship" is not 
implemented - it's the "changing the ACL of a file that the user doesn't 
own"-feature that's missing.

in fact both features cannot be implemented by using POSIX-ACLs (as far 
as i know) cause there're only 3 bits per user: RWX

we whould need another bit meaning "user is allowed to change ACL of file"

this would be far more like NTFS-ACLs

> So, I guess people will have to go through the administrator to make
> these changes ( "for reasons of security" sounds good :) ).

that sucks :-(

we would need far more:
strict inheritance of the ACLs (i had a case where a file didn't get all 
the ACLs of it's parent - don't know why or when this happens yet)
and even more bits per right to allow more windows-xp-like 
right-management (NTFS5.1 has inheritance-bits, to see which right's are 
inherited or not)

POSIX-ACLs just don't offer that!

we would need some kind of "emulation" or an external (meaning not 
within the FS) storage for the ACLs.

Read my mail called "Samba VFS - suggestions" for the steps i would make.

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