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| I'm confused, what does taking ownership really gain us here?
| Most cases where more than one person needs access to a folder, you use
| groups.  When one person leaves, if permissions are setup correctly, the
| other memebers of the group still have access to the file/folders.
| The only case where I think you might have a folder where only ONE person
| has rights is in their home folder, but I think the admin _should_ be
| involved with handing out access to those files.
| I guess if you're using quotas you would need to keep accurate track
of who
| owns what file/folder.  Don't know anything about them so I can't help
| here.
| The only purpose for take ownership in the M$ NT world is because there is
| no root account which always has rights.
| Am I totally off base here ??

There is one thing that is currently not possible, and that is to allow
more than one person (but not everyone, and only on selected files) to
change the permissions on the files. Say you have one project, with two
members who should be able to decide who sees what files. There is no
way to allow for this. You either have to set them as "admin users",
thus giving them full control to all files in the share.

Samba and ACLs still puts a bit more overhead on the real admin (the one
with root, or at least "admin user"), since he has to spend time
changing ACLs or ownership of files.

Most (all?) other features of ACLs can be handled with complex groups
and standard unix permissions (though it's not fun), but this one can't,
and it can't be done with Posix ACLs AFAIK.


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