[Samba] "hide unwritable" as a requested feature

Alexander Oswald oswald at is.haw-hamburg.de
Thu Jul 25 08:09:02 GMT 2002


I would like to see following option in a future release:

hide unwritable (S)

This parameter prevents clients from seeing the existance of files or
directories that cannot be write. Defaults to off.

Default: hide unwritable = no

Of course, I'm rather interested in that non-default setting. ;-)
This feature could be very usefull. At least for me, probably for others, too?

Are there any technique to match this with existing rules (e.g. some certain 
combinations of parameters), or does this requires a patch. In this case, is
there anyone who is pretty familiar with samba sourcecode and would drop some
lines to do this job?

Regards, Alex

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