[Samba] User Profiles

Amadej Bukorovic amadej at minet.si
Thu Jul 25 06:11:01 GMT 2002

I’m at the exact stage as you are. I have Windows 2000 workstations
logging into the domain run by Samba.
My roaming and mandatory profiles work as a charm, the only thing left
for me to do is to figure out how to make Windows 2000 clients inherit
Group Policy from the Samba server.

I just tested out Ntconfig.pol with Windows 2000
 here’s what I learned
so far:
Windows 2000 will inherit permissions from Ntconfig.pol, but you do need
to specify each users permissions in the file or else the default user
settings apply. BUT Ntconfig.pol does not include the system settings
(group/user permissions found in Windows 2000) that you may set with MMC
(Microsoft Management Console, something Windows NT 4.x doesn’t know

The “software” you need to edit ntconfig.pol file is called System
Policy Editor, which you may download from this address:
http://www.elkantler.net/security/security.htm (the file template.zip).

Then you just logon to the Windows 2000 workstation as the domain
administrator (the user account that has write permissions to the
netlogon share), run poledit.exe and add your users, set the security
policies for them and save it to your \\sambaserver\netlogon share as
Windows 2000 clients will then inherit permissions
but like I said
..from what I’ve seen this is still far from what MMC in Windows 2000
offers so the next logical step for me is to figure MMC/netlogon out.

Hope my info was helpful,

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Hello all.
I'm in the process of getting roaming profiles up and running on a RH
7.3 installation, running as a PDC on an 'NT Domain'.
I've been reading the PROFILES.txt, and need to clear some things up. 
Do the rules that apply for WinNT, apply to Win2000, specifically the
NTConfig.Pol file.  If it does, I can't find it on either the samba
server or the Win2000 machine,  the WinNT or the Win2000 CD's using
'search'.  What do I do from here?
Trevor Fraser.

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