[Samba] samba vs legato

minsonj minsonj at spawar.navy.mil
Thu Jul 25 04:58:02 GMT 2002

I have been trying to use legato (6.1.n) to recover data belonging to a 
windows nt box to a samba (2.0.x) share . Attempts to recover to a HPUX smb 
share are partially successfull . Attempts to recover to a Solaris smb share 
fail miserably. In both cases the recover fails with 'access denied' . I 
don't think this is a Samba problem as I can copy data directly from the nt 
box to the Samba box. It seems as though Legato is attempting to do something 
'different' security wise that the Samba sever is refusing . When the failure 
occurs I end up with a file with the correct name but 0 bytes long .
I have tinkered with the various permission/security settings on the Samba 
servers but no joy.
Any suggestions ?



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