[Samba] High CPU utilization with samba2.2.5 on HPUX 11.00

Usai, Maria Grazia MariaGrazia.Usai at infores.com
Thu Jul 25 02:13:02 GMT 2002

Hello, I need some help for a strange problem.

I have an HP L2000 server ( 2 CPU and 2 GB RAM ) with HPUX 11.00 and with samba 2.2.5 installed
Below my smb.conf:

workgroup = <my-w2k-domain>
netbios name = <my-server>
interfaces = <my-ip-address>
bind interfaces only = Yes
security = DOMAIN
username map = /usr/local/samba/lib/smb_users.map
comment = <my-share> on <my-server>
path = <my-path>
read only = No
dont descend = ./lost+found

The others parameters are set to default.

The size of my-share filesystem is 170GB. 
Analyzing the server performances, I observed that when I access to my-share from an w2k workstation  to list its contents whit windows explorer, all works fine and the serverv cpu utilization is very slow, but, if I access to my-share with a C program that recursly scans my-share performing a "stat" for each file on the share, the smbd process consumes the 99% of server CPU resource!! 
Can anyone help me to resolve this problem?
Thank's in advance.

Maria Grazia Usai
ICT Process Engineer
mariagrazia.usai at infores.com
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