[Samba] Winbind: SID-gid mappings lost after server crash

Hannes Schmidt mail at schmidt-net.via.t-online.de
Thu Jul 25 02:10:03 GMT 2002

Hello again,

my server crashed today. It crashed because it ran out of file handles,
which is not Samba's fault but mine. The server runs Suse 7.2 and Samba
2.5.5 with WInbind installed. The sever crash didn't effect any file
systems, because I managed to properly shut the server down.

The problem is that after I rebooted, some or all of the SID - uid/gid
mappings got mixed up; e.g. gid 10000 used to be domain-users but became
domain-admins. As a result, users couldn't access files on the samba share.
How can this happen? I mean, the SID mapping database is a very precious
file, just like /etc/passwd. Can I trust Winbind or do I have to deploy a
periodic backup, via cron?

Any ideas?


-- Hannes

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