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Hi Joe,

What you can do is to tell the tape drive to not rewind after the first 
backup. You have to select the dedicated device for that.

If my memory serves me, the device which does not rewind at backup end is 
/dev/rmt{x}.4 or something like that.

So, the batch could be like this:

tar cvf /dev/rmt{x}.4 myfiles_from_AIX
smbclient ... -Tcga /dev/rmt{x}                 #after the NT backup, the 
tape must be rewinded so rmt{x}.4 must not be used

When you restore the AIX files, since they are in the first part of tape, 
use /dev/rmt{x}

When you restore the NT files:
        1 - tctl /dev/rmt{x}.4 fsf 1            # to skip to the second 
part of the backup. No rewind after closing the device
        2 - tar xvf /dev/rmt{x}         # need to rewind after read

WARNING: You must verify that .4 is the correct suffix to not rewind the 
tape. My last experience on AIX was in '96 on release 3.2.4


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Joe and I need some help from the Samba community. I have a 
to be able to backup both Windows NT and AIX files using one IBM 3590 tape
drive attached to a 7017-s80 running AIX 4.3.3.

The files that I need to back up on the NT side are on a box that
cannot be NFS mounted. It is essentially a "dumb box" with minimal
configuration abilities.

I am able to back up the files on the NT files from this "dumb" box to the
the tape on the IBM 3590 tape drive. To do this I use the smbclient

      /tools/samba/bin/smbclient '\\ntbox1\home' xxxx -U xxxx -Tcga

Currently, I have one set of backup tapes for unix and one set for NT. The
NT backup,
using smbclient, is scheduled to run at night. The unix backup is 
to run
in the morning. I have the unix tapes in one tape rack and the NT tapes in
tape rack. I put the unix tape rack in when I come to work in the morning
and put the
NT tape rack in the tape drive in the evening.

What I would like to do is to backup the unix files on the AIX box along
the NT files on the "dumb box" using the smbclient command onto the same
tape. Is this possible?

This would eliminate the need to have two sets of tapes, one set for unix
and one set for nt.
My manager would like me to implement this type of solution.


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