[Samba] Simple Samba

Eddie Lania e.lania at elton.nl
Wed Jul 24 23:47:52 GMT 2002


Setup the samba to run in "share leve security" and in the services section
use "force user = <user>" to set the preferred user priveleges to "<user>"
as needed for your situation.
Other parameters should all be defaults in my opinion.

Your firewall should block out netbios access from the internet side.


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> I have simple needs, as I am my only user.  I am in transition between
> Linux and Windows.  I need to get Samba running.  I DO NOT need any
> security between machines (except to the internet.)  I have certain
> hardware requirements that forces me to keep Windows a little longer,
> some day soon I will be able to afford to make the last changes.  In the
> mean time I need to move and store my "My Documents" folder over to
> Linux (like an NT server.)  So, when the day arrives that there will be
> NO MORE Windows in my home, I will still have my existing files.
> So, I need to get around that IPC$ password demand that Windows 98SE
> insists on receiving.  My home system is as follows:
> Linux Server running RedHat 7.3 (Samba 2.2.3) and operating as a LTSP
> server with one work station attached.
> A stand alone firewall box (in the closet) that acts as my
> dial-on-demand internet access.
> A Windows 98SE computer that still has some of my MP# files on it and
> hamdles scanner and some printing duties (and a few other little odd
> jobs.)
> I have tried RedHat's instructions (did not work), I have tried the
> instructions from the Samba website, I have read USING SAMBA from
> O'Reilly publishing, I have read SAMBA FOR DUMMIES and the list goes on
> and on.  None of these have clear cut instructions THAT WORK.  I need a
> simple smb.conf file.  Please help.
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