[Samba] winbind, Active directory - wbinfo browsing strangeness

Mark Keir m.keir at qut.edu.au
Wed Jul 24 23:31:02 GMT 2002

I've been trying to get winbind running on some RH7.3 boxes using
samba2.2.3a and samba2.2.5.  I'm able to join the machines to an AD
child domain (running in native mode).  The secret is validated as good,
but checking the trusts shows up the domains trusted by the AD child
domain (includes NT domains and parent AD running in pre-windows mode). 
A "wbinfo -u" listing shows the users in the trusted domains, but not
the AD domain in which the LINUX boxes are registered.  A "wbinfo
--sequence" from samba2.2.5 shows the numbers for the trusted domains
but "disconnected" for the AD child domain.  Strange neh?  Any pointers
to be offered would be appreciated.
TIA, Mark 
Mark Keir, Unix Systems Administrator, Email: m.keir at qut.edu.au
School of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering,
Queensland University of Technology, 
CRICOS No. 00213J, Brisbane, Australia
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