[Samba] strange things happening here, with WinXP pro

Administrator Administrator at eregion.de
Wed Jul 24 22:51:02 GMT 2002

> hi,
> what I have:
> a SuSE 8.0 pro, running samba 2.2.3a as a PDC
> two WinXP pro boxes, both with that 'requiresignorseal' registry patch
> applied, lets call them a and b.
> what happens is this:
> a is a happy domain member. everything's yummy.
> b joins the domain, reboots. on login attempt, b says 'domain not
> now, login on box a. a says: 'domain not available'... After I remove a
> from the domain, then re-join it, a is a happy domain member again...

/me slaps head

solved... smb.conf was set to create the machine accounts... each with the
same uid.


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