[Samba] How can I control the handling of codepages with Samba 2.99+ ?

dwokfur at dc.sote.hu dwokfur at dc.sote.hu
Wed Jul 24 19:00:03 GMT 2002


I'm using Debian GNU/Linux. As Samba-2.99cvs appeared in the unstable
branch, I gave it a try.
I've used 'character set' (iso8859-2), and client 'client codepage set'
(cp852 or cp1250) options for a long time to control the behaviour of
samba related to codepages. It worked fine.
With this new version of Samba these options have been disappeared,
although it is essential to me to continue handling codepages. Win98
machines seems to create files and directories with Hungarian characters
using Unicode, but it's beyond my knowledge to transfer the system from
iso8859-2 to UTF16. I don't know a way to mount a partition with UTF16
support. The kernel has only UTF8 support...

What can I do?
I'm waiting for suggestions.


Tóth Attila, Semmelweis Egyetem ÁOK VI.
1031, Bp. Rozália u. 37., 242-6765

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