[Samba] hiding Unix perms

Rob Helmer robert at namodn.com
Wed Jul 24 13:56:02 GMT 2002


Sorry if I missed this in the docs, I haven't seen an option to do this..

I have a Samba server ( Linux 2.20acl kernel ) named "fileserver" set up and 
working well as a fileserver to Windows clients ( I am using winbind also ).

Samba has some awesome capabilities nowadays :) The current issues I am
facing aren't exactly showstoppers, but I know they'll be confusing if I
open it up to users as the main file server when it's like this.

I've noticed that from a Windows box, I can see permissions that match
the Unix permissions ( \\fileserver\rhelmer,  \\fileserver\samba and
Everyone ). 

Also, if I create a file, ( logged into the domain as rhelmer ), it uses
my Unix account ( \\fileserver\rhelmer as the owner, not \\domain\rhelmer ).
I have a script that creates a Unix account for every validated user
from the domain, is this the cause ? ( not sure if I need to do this
anymore now that I am using winbind and ACL ).

How can I :

1) not display the Unix permissions to Windows users ( they can't change
   them anyway.. )

2) have files created by a domain user be owned by \\domain\user not


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