[Samba] Strange problem: File changed while we were reading it

Bert Buckley bbuckley at trilan.com
Wed Jul 24 13:42:01 GMT 2002


I do daily dumps from a Linux box of the Windows machines on my network.
(Kernel 2.4.7-10, Redhat 7.2., samba-2.2.1a-4 )  These are done overnight.

I mount the appropriate shared directories as a samba filesystem and use
tar to incrementally dump all recently changed files (using their time 
stamp).  I have done this for several years now.

On an older Linux system (Slakware based, older 2.2.18 kernel, older 
Samba), I had no problems.

I now get a number of errors of the form:
	tar: ./Toxocara/Restore/Toxocara.mdb: file changed as we read it

The files that generate these errors are completely static.  There are 4 
to 6 of them.  It seems always to be the same files.  Their timestamps 
look perfectly normal.  There is nothing that I can find that is altering 
these files.  Their timestamps have not changed.

Suggestions or pointers to fix this very annoying problem would be 

Pls reply to bbuckley at trilan.com.

Thanks in advance.

Bert Buckley
250 477 2570

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