[Samba] Samba VFS - suggestions

Sven Köhler skoehler at upb.de
Wed Jul 24 12:05:01 GMT 2002


i'm tried to setup a samba-server with ACL support.
i realized that this is still not what Users might look for.

here are some things that are anoying:
- POSIX-ACLs only support rwx
- a user, group or everybody with the rights rwx seem to have "Full 
Access" (in the Windows-Explore) although "Full Access" includes the 
ability to change the ACL - but this is only allowed for the owner of 
the file.
- the right to change ACLs doesn't exists - so the root is again your 
best/only friend when changing rights

than i read about VFS support - but realized, that this is nothing 
useful for me yet.

i would suggest the following:
samba must perform a limited number of IO-operations on the filesystem. 
the acl-implementations seem differ. so i would think of forming a API 
for filesystem-libraries which could be implemented without the need to 
get into the whole samba-sourcetree.

this filesystem-libraries could be loaded on runtime - or perhaps be 
compiled in as a certain kind of module.

this filesystem-libraries could be used to implement:
- diffent native acl-support
- perhaps a file- or database-based acl storing
- any other things that have to do with file-IO

that means, that these libraries should get as much data as available - 
for example the reduction from windows-acls to posix-acls should happen 
within these libraries - and not within samba cause this would limit the 
use of the library.

VFS works with scripts at the moment - when i understood everything 
right. this is just to slow - a dynamically loaded library is much 
faster. VFS also doesn't support ACLs - or does it?

Thx for reading.

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