[Samba] Controlling Access to directories within shares

Nick Ruth nruth at mail.regionalradio.com
Wed Jul 24 10:02:50 GMT 2002

I have several directories within a share. I have different groups within
linux that have access to these directories. I currently have my force group
= everyone in smb.conf (the everyone group is just that a group of all valid
users). Is there any way to set a force group for different directories
within a share?  If I set those directories up as shares, (even if I get to
them via the other share) will the force group be effective?

For example: I currently have

force group = everyone

With directories a, b and c accessable by groups a, b and c respecitvely.

If I make this
force group = everyone

force group = a

force group = b

force group = c

Will the groups on files created in directory a within the mapped [share]
drive be forced to group a?


Nick Ruth

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