[Samba] Printer rights in NT Printer Server / Samba PDC

luiz at pucrs.br luiz at pucrs.br
Wed Jul 24 09:56:21 GMT 2002

Dear Sir

I have the following environment:

+--------+         +---------+    +-- Printer
|  PDC   |         |   NT4   |    |
| Samba  |----O----| Printer |----O-- Printer
| Server |    |    | Server  |    |
+--------+    |    +---------+    +-- ...
        |  |  |  |  |

The problem is that when I try to set global print permissions for my user
domains the operation is not permited.
My procedure: I log in NT Printer Server, select Security options and Add
button. Then, my user list is supplied and I select "Domain Users", with
the printer permission. Then, when I try to confirm the operation, appears
the message "Unable to lookup user names for display". If I try to add only
one user, there are no problems.
Is it correct? The problem is that I need to use the option "Everyone
print" in my NT Printer Server, and are external users printing. Besides,
I´m thinking about to implant printing quotas, and this seems a great
My Samba Server is a Solaris 7 box, running SAMBA 2.2.5, with CVS version
of July 14th (I tryed the tar version, without CVS, the 2.2.4 version and
2.2.3a version, but the problem is identical).
Anyone have any idea? I really appreciate suggestions... :-(
Thanks (a lot) in advance

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